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Project Management

An avid outdoorsman, Evan always wanted a career that would bring him closer to nature. He loves spreading the word about beautiful places, so Parks & Rec was the perfect fit.



Brian has been coding since his earliest days, eventually graduating with a degree in CS. His favorite activity outside of Javascript is reading philosophy in the fresh air.



Shaun grew her imagination through reading book after book when she was young. Naturally, she evolved into an excellent copywriter and loves bringing colorful content to the online world.



Annie discovered her passion for photography during college. She loves her camera and has done shoots for weddings, fishing competitions and just about everything in between. 



Dane got into design when working as an intern at a marketing company. Stumbling upon his natural talent in photoshop, Dane loves creating MEMES as much as wireframes.



A world traveler, David enjoys working while on the move. After a short stint in a small tech company, he now focuses on writing awesome code while exploring the globe.



You’ll usually find Margaret tucked away in the corner of a cozy coffee shop. She crafts her best pieces while sipping down an aromatic brew and munching down a poppy seed muffin.



Growing up in the South, Diana spent her summers by her local lake. Aside from content, she spends her free time writing lyrics for songs and jamming with her local band. 



Mark is a mountain man. He loves hiking with his two dogs and his most prized possession is probably his tent. Marks draws inspiration for his content from his various adventures in the woods. 



A Hawaiian native, we’re all surprised Derick was able to stay off of his surfboard long enough to graduate with his creative writing degree. He knows it’s cliche’, but still loves the Jurassic Park movies. 



A man who loves to ‘paint on the canvas’ when it comes to his work, Tom is a data-driven search engine expert. He loves finding out what people want to learn and how to get it to them via the internet.



Amy loves light and nature. When she got her first camera for Christmas when she was 11, she was instantly hooked on taking beautiful images of her old house and surroundings in her Native Nebraska. 


Head Guy

Heading up the ship is Chris, the devoted camper and technology enthusiast. He is all about communication, updates, and keeping the trains (RV’s?) running on time for our projects.



Our New Zealand native, Jono is a huge football fan and is on the pitch 3 times a week. He loves projects that present a challenge and can talk for hours about why Javascript is the future.



TJ is a seasoned veteran in the SEO industry and has spoken across the country on best practices in the field. A big family man, TJ’s our king of SEO when not herding up his 3 kids!



A published author, she has probably read more books than the rest of us combined. Jessica’s also a cyclist and has ridden hundreds of miles on 3 different continents. 

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